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Medium sized Oil Paintings

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These paintings are around 34″ x 24″ (as stated).  For prices visit my website, or send me a message.

Into the wild

Lake Charm: 34″x 24″


Wicked: 18″x36″

Water table Trouble: 34″x 24″

Salt Lake: 36″x26″

Mist in the Marsh: 34″x22″

Kangaroo Business: 23″x23″

Dance amongst the flowers: 30″x15″

Raining Marsh: 26″x25″

Beyond: 32″x24″

Eremophila maculata: 24″x32″

Pelican & Boat: 16″x 34″

Glory Days: 32″x 16″

Legs: 34″x 20″

Future has Promise: 34″x 24″

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